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Vanilla & cinnamon liquid soap YOPE 500ml

19,40 zł

Moisturising and delicate for skin vanilla & cinnamon liquid soap.

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Characteristics of scent: Spicy, sweet, tasty

The soap contains natural extracts from vanilla pod and cinnamon bark. The first one has anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating properties. The latter one fights free radicals and prevents bacteria on the skin from growing. The aroma of the extracts makes you feel relaxed and stimulates senses. What other ingredients are contained? High vegetable glycerine content keeps the skin smooth, elastic and moisturised. The soap also contains vitamin B5 and allantoin which soothe irritation and accelerate skin regeneration.

Vanilla & Cinnamon liquid soap does not contain parabens, silicones, colorants, SLESs and SLSs.

Capacity: 500 ml/bottle with pump